Jeremy Lin Joins Danny Green on His Podcast to Relive the D-League Grind

By Tracee Jay | March 12, 2019

Both NBA stars talked openly about their time in the NBA minor-league on Inside the Green Room with Danny Green.

It all started at a P.F. Chang’s.

Danny Green remembers that moment fondly. Telling the tale of how he, Jeremy and other prolific teammates in Reno, were at the popular restaurant chatting about how they are going to make it in the league – and they all did.

Starting from the D-League, it was a grind all the way to the top for both young talents.

From taking three planes to board a bus, to then having 11-hour bus rides, and getting there and moving your practice back 30 minutes because the 7th grade volleyball team wanted more time to practice – it takes a toll.

Jeremy recalls having “no pride left.”

“We are literally divas in the NBA, it’s unbelievable.” Lin describes the stark differences from the NBA to the D-League. He recalled the team having to eat saltine crackers all day before a game, because there was no room service and the snow left no access to food.

He does go on to admit, that the G-League has made almost a complete 180 degree turn from when he and Danny were in the league.

Danny thinks it’s the additions of cities that have helped bolster the minor-league.

“They have way better cities. Back then it wasn’t that many teams…there weren’t New York teams, they have teams all in California now it was way different then.”

While Jeremy and Danny’s time in the D-League may have been filled with obstacles, they admit the grind made them better.

They have both fulfilled their NBA dreams and they can thank the D, now G-League for helping to make it possible.


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