Making Of: Stockton Kings Logos

By Kyle Ramos | May 23, 2018

Get an inside look at the making of the Kings affiliate’s new identity.

As the Sacramento Kings G League affiliate make their way to the city of Stockton for its inaugural season in California, on Wednesday the team unveiled a new look to go with its new home.

StocktonKings.com caught up with Kings Creative Director Ryan Brijs to help provide more insight into the creative process behind the new team identities.

At first glance, the Stockton Kings logo bears similar qualities to the Kings logos, including the color scheme and trademark crown. According to Brijs, this serves as a means of creating a connection between the franchises.

The logos also feature a slanted appearance, which carries meaning of its own.

“Stockton is undergoing a lot of growth and resurgence and the G League also represents an opportunity for players to grow and progress,” explained Brijs. “This slanted look embodies a little bit of those elements.”

Additionally, Brijs noted that the script font used for “Kings” pays homage to early Sacramento uniforms that the team wore when first arriving in Northern California in 1985.

On top of the primary design, a secondary logo was revealed that ties in additional aspects from the Port City and Kings franchise history.

“For the secondary logo, we harkened back to some of the Rochester Royals roots with the shield, while also bringing in the ball from the Kings primary logo and introducing the 209 Stockton area code,” said Brijs. “The basic idea was that it connected different elements from our past and tied it into the roots of Stockton.”

All of the new looks for the Stockton Kings can be viewed here.

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