Offseason Sit-Down: Anthony McClish

By Tracee Jay | June 12, 2019

In our first installment, we sit down with General Manager of the Stockton Kings, Anthony McClish. 


What is your role with the Stockton Kings organization?

My name is Anthony McClish and I am the General Manager of the Stockton Kings.

What are you doing to help the Sacramento Kings during Pre-Draft Workouts?

For Pre-Draft workouts, the team brings the prospects in the day before and I, along with other staff, do the best we can to welcome them to Sacramento. We are showing the sights, taking them to dinner and watching the NBA Finals together.

Looking at the workout day, we make sure to get them a nice meal and test the players athletically, watch the workout and then evaluate their performance.

After players workout with the organization, are you looking for potential Summer League candidates?

Possibly. The first step would be the NBA Draft coming up in a few weeks. We have to see where a number of these guys go in the draft. We [Sacramento] have a number of second round picks, and then there’s your two-way [contracts] you could look at filling, and then after those have been thought out, a summer league invite may be extended to those players who weren’t drafted.

Obviously, if we draft them, we will have them play in Summer League games.

How did you get into basketball operations for the NBA?

Wow. This is my 6th year with the Sacramento Kings organization going into my 7th year. I started in San Antonio with the Spurs, and there I did a little bit of everything.

I was involved with the draft process, free agency, trades, contract negotiations – you name it. Whoever needed help in the building, I would help them, and that’s how I would learn. When I came to the Kings organization, I started doing roster transactions and management, and as certain things changed within the organization I moved more into scouting, getting on the road and evaluating.

I started getting into the G League system about 4 years ago. My first true involvement was when Peja was named General Manager, and I was helping him with the team when they were located in Reno and with the relocation to Stockton.

Do you have any advice for people that want to become a GM of an NBA or G-League team? 

I think the first step is communicating. People have to be willing to put their name out there, whether that’s through email, an introduction or a phone call. Put it out there, that being a GM is your goal.

Here’s the hard part. There is a finite amount of GM positions available, so there is definitely an element of luck involved. Being at the right place at the right time. Personally, I try to take calls from students in colleges, or kids coming out of internships because that’s how rose up through the ranks, and I can definitely empathize with people. I try and help them and give them advice to advance their career in sports.

I will also say to an extent, it is definitely about who you know, so it all goes back to reaching out and communicating with the right people and trying to get your foot in the door.

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