Offseason Sit-Down: Jillian Stoker

By Tracee Jay | August 9, 2019

We sat down with Director of Ticket Sales and Service, Jillian Stoker.


As Director of Ticket Sales and Service, what are your responsibilities?

My main priorities are to oversee my fantastic sales team, and expose fans to Stockton Kings basketball. For my team – I coach and support them in many different ways; attending their off-site meetings, providing feedback on different ticket sales related scenarios, hold weekly meetings to share best practices, incorporate on-going trainings etc. For driving fan attendance – I plan and execute our events around season memberships and group opportunities, understand new trends that will excite our fans, and challenge my staff and I to be ahead of the curve and think creatively.

What makes you most excited when you come to work every day?

Helping my staff grow their careers and watching them evolve professionally. It is such a rewarding feeling when you get to see them land their first meeting, close their biggest sale, get out of their comfort zone, and more! I want them to be as successful as possible and tackle each day the best they can.

What are some of the challenges you encounter at work?  

The main challenge for me is, trying to do it all. In the ticketing world of sales and operations, there are so many projects, tasks, and new ideas on-top of my day-to-day that it can turn into a true balancing act. Our entire front office consists of 12 full time employees, I’d like to say we have true superpowers running this team.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get their start in the sports industry? 

Be yourself – This is where the magic begins! Someone out there is looking for a person just like you. Also, go for jobs that you are super passionate about. Don’t look for jobs just to get in, seek a position within a department that you feel you will contribute and love the most. I would also say, connect with sports business professionals through LinkedIn. People in the sports industry are so kind to share their journey and stories with you. Network with those individuals to start getting your name out there, it seems like a huge industry but it is smaller than you think. Everyone knows each other and are always recruiting.

What are your long-term goals within the organization?

I just cannot wait to see what the Stockton Kings are like in 3, 5, or 10 years! We laid such a great foundation in year 1, from gaining a season ticket member family, multiple community appearances, and grew relationships with a variety of businesses and organizations in the 209 – it will only evolve from here.

What has been your biggest accomplishment working for Stockton Kings thus far?

Exposing so many community members to Stockton Kings basketball. The relationship that we have with our fans is something else, they are family now. I love to see them rocking purple and having so much Stockton Kings pride!




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