Offseason Sit-Down: Morgan Ragan

By Tracee Jay | August 5, 2019

As a color analyst, what are your responsibilities?

As a color analyst I get to team up with the play-by-play voice for each Stockton Kings broadcast. During the game, the play-by-play voice is drawing the lines while I get to color everything in as the analyst. I have to pick my spots on when to speak about something happening during the game, it is all about the timing and the chemistry with the play-by-play partner.

I have to do a lot of homework before each game, this job is all about preparation and knowing the personnel you’re going to be talking about. Whether it’s watching some tape on these men or looking up their stats from their previous years with the G-League, college or overseas play. I take all this information and create a chart for myself to have in front of me during the broadcast. A lot of prep goes into the broadcast, which makes the job really special because you learn so much about these guys and educate your viewers each and every game.

How do you get prepared on a gameday?

I love gamedays! I try to have the same routine before each game. I will usually start with final touches to my chart early in the day and then once I arrive to the arena I sit on the opponents’ bench and take notes on each of their players.

After a little more studying I will head over to the scores table where I sit and talk to the producer about who we want to talk about before the game and what our goals are for halftime. We usually make sure all the audio equipment is working correctly and then it’s GAME TIME!

Has being a color analyst always been a dream of yours, and how did you get started?

I’ve always been into sports – mostly basketball – and I’ve also always been into TV and radio since I was 14-years-old, so I knew I always wanted to work in sports media. However, it wasn’t until the last few years with women like Doris Burke paving the way for women broadcasters that I thought I could be a color analyst.  Once I knew this was something I could accomplish I realized this truly was a dream job come true. I have the best time in the world watching a basketball game, breaking it down and getting paid to do so!

My career began with all internships! I began doing internships with a local news station and a local radio station in Sacramento. I was not being paid a dime but I didn’t care because I was doing stuff that I loved. These internships led to me covering the Sacramento Kings. Covering the games meant I had to be at all the games. This is where I would connect and build relationships with everyone in media. It is all about relationships, but the genuine relationships are the ones that you want to make.

What would you say is your favorite, and most challenging part of your job?

My favorite thing about this job is when something exciting happens in the game and the play-by-play voice has the perfect call and I get to analyze the magical play following the call. It’s like creating a little piece of art, and narrating an action-packed story for the viewers at home. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like it!

The most challenging part about this job is calling games with some players I might’ve never seen play before. The G-League is so different from the NBA because there is so much turnover with these players in this league. One night a team will come in with one roster and then they will play again a month later with a completely different roster. You have to do your homework all over again and study up for a different style of play and the new guys they have added. I enjoy the challenge and it just expands my knowledge on so many different players that are fighting their way to make it to the big league.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

If you would like to be a color analyst I would suggest that you start practicing now. Turn on a game and turn your TV on mute. Practice calling your own games because practice makes perfect. I would also suggest watching and listening to other color analysts – there are so many out there with all different styles. Find your identity and figure out how it is that you want to talk about the game you love.





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