Stockton Kings GM, Anthony McClish, Gets Candid in Sit-Down with Sac Bee

By Hannah Taheri | February 21, 2020

The Stockton Kings General Manager opened up to Sac Bee about his journey from playing Nerfhoop with his mom as a little kid in Ohio, to climbing the ranks to a key NBA G League front office position.

“Ever since I can remember, [basketball has] been a part of my life,” former Ohio State graduate, Anthony McClish shared.

During his time as a Brutus Buckeye, McClish worked on the women’s basketball team coaching staff. This experience would ultimately lead him to an internship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2012.

His mentors at the Spurs included NBA A-listers such as Gregg Popovich, Mike Budenholzer, and Scott Layden to name a few. “My one year in San Antonio I really worked with four GMs and four head coaches. That was my college experience in the NBA, so to speak.”

After wrapping up his internship in the Lone Star State, he took his newfound skills to Reno to work as a member of the basketball operations team and General Manager for the Reno BigHorns. When the BigHorns evolved into the Stockton Kings, McClish transitioned into the GM role of the newly branded Sacramento Kings G League affiliate.

As mentioned in the in-depth article, some of McClish’s GM duties include external scouting, internal development, and financial management. But, the former volunteer coach gushed about his favorite part of the gig being, “watching guys grow and watching guys invest in themselves and seeing the return on that investment. When the light bulb clicks.”

On the subject of ROI, McClish went on to cite his own past professional setbacks as the fuel which ignites him to take chances on others. “I know what it’s like to not get a return phone call….I got lucky,” he declared. “It took a lot of people to take a chance on me. So I try to appreciate that as much as I can and represent them as much as I can.”

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