Women’s History Month Spotlight: Katie Luhring

By Tracee Jay | March 30, 2019

Why is it important to you that the NBA and its teams celebrate Women’s History Month?

Although it would seem from the outside that the NBA is a male-dominated organization, when you look closer you realize there are a lot of strong women in a variety of positions that keep this league running. It’s important for everyone to recognize and celebrate that the league empowers everyone.

How would you characterize what it means to work for a league that empowers its teams and players to foster progress on and off the court?

I would definitely characterize the environment as progressive. There are a lot of opportunities offered in this type of working environment that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, especially here in the G-League where everyone is working together to achieve the dream of being able to represent oneself at the highest level.

What has been your favorite experience during your time at the NBA?

Sitting first chair twice during summer league and managing to be part of the bench that got techs each time! Honestly, it is all of the people I have worked with. In my two years I have been able to work with such a wide variety of cool people and make valuable connections.

What advice would you offer to fellow women seeking to make an impact in sports?

My advice is to never look at an opportunity and think it is too hard to attain. I would have never thought that I would be in my position at the start of my career, but when the time came I didn’t back down from trying something that seemed like a long shot. The cliché that “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” was said for a reason.

Who have been your biggest female role models?

Oddly enough I’m not big on role models. It is very interesting now speaking with my mom about some of the things I’ve experienced and hearing that she had to overcome similar hurdles in becoming a female trial lawyer. So, I’ll give her credit for being an inspiration!

Did you have to overcome any obstacles to become an Athletic Trainer for the G-League? 

I think I have faced the same obstacles that many women in sports have, but nothing that I would say was crazy. As with any job, once you get your foot in the door you have to prove your worth and everyone around you will respect it regardless of your gender.

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